Feeling Stuck? 12 Books To Inspire Reinvention


12 Books to Read If You Want to Reinvent Yourself

We all get into ruts. As we navigate our careers and dynamic lives, there will be times you get bored, burned out, or start to feel stuck. And during these prolonged periods, it can feel pretty defeating and dire. 

But as career and business strategist Jenny Blake notes, "Your plateau isn't a problem, it's a sign of progress." These low moments are signs it's time to shake things up, and they might be your biggest gateways to fulfillment and your next big move. 

So what do you do? Get inspired and take action! Here are our favorite reads for personal and career reinvention. 

Unleash Your Potential 

These books are so tried-and-true, they've become classics in their own right. Read them if you're looking to reconnect with your inner motivations and break through blocks to create.

Your Next Career Move 

In a world of constant change, being agile and proactive are critical skills to keep yourself challenged in your work and relevant in your industry. These reads will help you leverage the skills and connections you have now, to shift into your next opportunity.

Re-thinking the Rules

Reinvention almost always requires mindset shifts and ditching the rules that were holding you back. These are great reads that challenge the norm and ask you to question commonly accepted advice and truths.

Get Inspired

Read and learn how others not only survived but thrived during their personal and professional transformations. Their stories may be different, but all are marked with courage, triumphs, disappointments, and resilience to keep going.

Whenever you feel stuck, remember: we are in constant cycles of reinvention. You have the ability to take control of your own evolution. Whether it's your career, relationships, interests, style, or habits, dare to explore new possibilities and expose yourself to new ideas.

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updated on Tuesday July 2nd

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