What are Hoppin experiences?

Hoppin experiences are job shadowing opportunities designed and led by inspiring business owners, entrepreneurs and creatives. They aim to take young professionals behind the scenes and immerse them in each your unique business world. It’s an opportunity to open your doors and share your passion, skills and expertise with driven, talented and like-minded young professionals.

What hosts say about us

Why host hoppers?

Hoppin experiences provide engaged learning that is profoundly beneficial on both sides.

Demonstrate your values

Show your openness, dedication to diversity & inclusion, and willingness to give back.

Get a fresh perspective

Infuse your business with a different point of view and innovative ideas.

Grow your brand

Bring people along on your business journey and create a community of fans and advocates and get rewarded for it.

How it works

We make it easy to start hosting on the Hoppin platform. These are the three steps to get setup and have your experience live.

Apply to host (5 min)

Express your interest through a simple form. It’s less about what you do and more about how passionate you are about sharing your mission with others.

Create your profile

Once our team reviews and approves your application, you will be invited to set up your host profile.

Start hosting

Once your profile is live, shadowers will be able to browse and request to book your experience immediately.

1 day

Average duration of an experience


Minimum yearly shadowers as a requirement to host


Host commission of the total price


Average price for a shadowing experience


Average shadower rating of the experience and their host

Apply to become a host

Please give us some details so we can reach out and help you structure the perfect placement.

Frequently Asked Questions