Why Having a Stranger Follow You Around for a Day is Totally Awesome


Have you ever considered being a job shadow host? For some, the very idea of having a complete stranger follow you around during work hours sounds time intensive and even a little freaky. Fun for them, but work for you, right? 

Here’s the real truth: there are so many unique benefits of being a job shadow host. Yes, it can involve some extra preparation and attention on your end, but this experience can be just as enriching for you as it is for your shadower.

And before we get started: I’m not going to rattle on about how job shadowing is a valuable tool for talent recruitment and bettering your company. It is for sure—but today let’s talk about the benefits for you, the host!

"5 Unexpected Benefits of Being a Job Shadow Host (And Why You’ll Want to Host Again)"

1. Your shadower can be your co-collaborator for the day, offering a fresh, new perspective.

Your shadower is likely following you to learn more about you, your career trajectory, your company, and your current job role. But remember: they have their own career and life experiences, too. Whether they’re in a similar profession to yours or in a completely different industry altogether, your shadower comes with a wealth of knowledge and perspective that can be a welcome addition to your daily work and problem solving.

Leverage your shadower’s genius, and make the day more fulfilling for both of you.

2. As a job shadow host, you’ll receive well-earned recognition for your work and dedication.

We hear this all the time from our hosts: sometimes it’s just nice to be recognized. When you have someone following your every move, they really get to see exactly how hard you work and what it takes to be outstanding in your role. It increases understanding and empathy for what you do every day, and your shadower is likely to let you know how impressed they are. The positive affirmation can be such a boost to your morale and career outlook.

3. Being a job shadow host is a great way to earn some extra cash.

We know being a host is a big responsibility and a generous endeavor, and that’s why we believe in compensating our hosts. How many free coffee meetings have you had? You can earn anywhere from $50-$250 for every job shadow experience you host through Hoppin. And if you’re hosting 1-2x a month, at an average of $150 per experience, that’s some serious side income! This is a great additional income stream that requires very little (if any) time or effort outside of your normal working hours. Plus, a side-gig like job hosting can be a big benefit for your work performance and for the company itself. It’s a win-win!

4. You get to make a new friend.

Exciting connections come in all sorts of ways. Your shadower might just turn out to be a great new friend, an inspiring mentor or mentee, advocate, or a supportive business contact for future career moves or work collaborations. Just because the job shadow experience lasts only a few hours or a day, doesn’t mean you two can’t continue the relationship over the months and years to come. If there’s a spark, keep in touch!

5. You get to stay connected to your values.

You are more than your job, and being a job shadow host is a wonderful outlet for expressing other amazing parts of yourself—whether it’s your openness, dedication to diversity and inclusion, willingness to help others find their passion, or appreciation for novelty and exploration. And studies show that finding ways to express your core values  leads to a happier life.

The benefits of being a job shadow host are dynamic—practical, emotional, psychological, and just plain awesome. So, ready to get started? Learn more about becoming a host on Hoppin here. Signing up is super easy. It only takes 1 minute to kick off your application and you’ll be reviewing and selecting shadowers in no time.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

updated on Monday July 1st

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