About Hoppin

We believe that the future of work is an engaged workforce, where anyone can learn from anyone. At Hoppin, we help people learn from each other in order to make their work more meaningful and impactful. Our curated shadowing experiences, open doors and minds, enabling people to make meaningful connections.

We Learn Best While Doing

Old methods of learning a trade or profession are quickly becoming outdated as required knowledge and skillsets change faster than education programs can keep up with. That’s why we believe in learning by doing. With Hoppin, you can experience an industry alongside real professionals working in the field.

Our Truth

Exploration is everything and we believe that the best way to learn and grow in life is to feed, nurture, and cater to the innate curiosity we all have.

Our Community

We are a network of curious and inspiring individuals. We empower people to be their best selves.

Our Hosts

The future belongs to our hosts - individuals and companies who are proud to share their culture and open their doors to engaged shadowers looking to learn and grow.

Our Vibe

Life is an adventure, so why isn't work? Old methods prevent us from treating work like an adventure ready to be taken and experienced to find our passions. Until now...

The Founders

Our founders, Bilyana and Luuk, met over 3 years ago on their last job and bonded over working across three continents. What jumped out was that regardless of the industry, every job they've had turned out differently than expected. Hoppin was born out of the belief that true innovation and empowerment comes from collective growth.

They are driven by the mission to build a great company that brings inspiring work to the next generation of professionals. They both shadow and host shadowers regularly.

Bilyana Freye

Bilyana learned the power of job shadowing early in her career. After starting in risk management and realizing that it wasn't the right fit, she arranged a one day shadowing experience, that lead to a 180° career pivot and 5 years in a completely different part of the company. More importantly, it sparked a dream and an idea: what if people could shadow beyond their company? Beyond their industry?

Luuk Derksen

Luuk is self-taught in machine learning, blockchain and cyber security, which is why he believes the only way to learn is by doing and experiencing something yourself. For him, degrees don’t matter. What matters most is 1.) how quickly someone learns and 2.) what they do with what they’ve learned. He co-founded Hoppin because it’s the perfect platform to facilitate both of those things.